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Sunday May 1 2022
Spiritual Gifts
"Know Yourself"
Thanks for joining us today as we embark on a new series, "Spiritual Gifts"
Listen as Rob talks about the importance of knowing yourself.
Today's Music

Here for You
Jesse Reeves | Matt Maher | Matt Redman | Tim Wanstall
© 2011 Chrysalis Music Ltd. | sixsteps Music | Thankyou Music | Valley Of Songs Music | worshiptogether.com songs
CCLI License # 1809338


Who You Say I Am
Ben Fielding | Reuben Morgan
© 2017 Hillsong Music Publishing Australia (Admin. by Capitol CMG Publishing)
CCLI License # 1809338


Build My Life
Brett Younker | Karl Martin | Kirby Kaple | Matt Redman | Pat Barrett
© 2016 Kaple Music | Capitol CMG Genesis | Housefires Sounds | Said And Done Music | sixsteps Music | Thankyou Music | Vamos Publishing |
worshiptogether.com songs | Martin, Karl Andrew | Bethel Music Publishing
CCLI License # 1809338


Holy Holy Holy
John Bacchus Dykes, Reginald Heber
Public Domain

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